PF1 Three-Phase Online UPS with Isolation Transformer & Load-Sharing Module Design

九月 26, 2022

PF1 Three-Phase Online UPS with Isolation Transformer

& Load-Sharing Module Design

Fortress 100K/120K/180K/200K

ESS 30kW Energy Storage System





Built-in isolation transformer – fully protection for sensitive equipment

Built-in isolation transformer, Fortress ISO safeguards the expensive and sensitive equipment from the irregularities of the AC mains power supply. It isolates the output from the power source and its associated noise.  It also can step down voltage from the line grid to suit the equipment under the protection. 

Easy-replaceable modular power design & built-in 4 switches - ease of maintenance

Fortress ISO is equipped with pluggable power modules with front access terminal wiring making maintenance and replacement quick and easy, and decreasing MTTR. It also comes with built-in 4 switches including mains input, bypass input, output, and maintenance bypass switch.

Load sharing - highest level of reliability & availability

Modularized power module design ensures the continuous operation of the UPS. If one of the modules fails, the load is shared with the remaining modules without interruption to the supported load. Moreover, the resilience of the modular design removes the potential for a single point of failure that you have with a traditional standalone UPS and provides the highest level of reliability and availability.

Versatile features with a small overall footprint

Fortress ISO offers high-density power with a small overall footprint. Its compact design perfects fit into data centers and edge computing environments to save more floor space. Moreover, this online UPS features various functions such as unity output power factor, flexible battery configuration, increased charging current up to 54A for 180K/200K models, and parallel operation to increase power capacity or make redundant systems.