New Axpert solar Inverter TWIN Series, with Dual Outputs & larger power

Jan 01, 2022

 New Axpert solar Inverter TWIN Series, with Dual Outputs & larger power

Voltronic Power is releasing a new solar inverter  "TWIN" models. All TWIN models are enlarged inverter power rating, and equipped with three new features: dual outputs, PV input current increase to 27A, and wider input voltage range.




Dual Outputs for Smart Load Management – Advanced Control & Flexibility Management

TWIN series is offering a second AC output for smart load management. Users can set cut-off voltage or state of charge (SoC) percentage, discharge time and scheduled time for 2nd AC output on/off through LCD operation. It helps to extend backup time on critical loads by shutting down the second output or schedule on second output during sufficient power source and off at night. It increases flexibility of load control.

Dual Terminal Design


Maximum PV Input Current to 27A – Support Solar Panels in Higher Wattages

In response to emerging solar industry trends of adopting solar panels in higher wattages, Axpert Off-grid inverter TWIN series supports maximum PV Input Current to 27A to coordinate with your high efficient PV system.


Dual Terminal Design

Wide PV Input Voltage Range 60VDC ~ 450VDC – Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Cost

TWIN series supports minimum PV input voltage starting from as low as 60 VDC which extends the effective working period of PV panels to harvest more solar energy. It also requires fewer PV panels to build up a PV system (starting from 2 PV panels) that is flexible to meet installers' needs and save precious space.